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Your customers are online and actively looking for information. Today more than ever, people from all walks of life turn to the Internet to satisfy everyday needs. Wahlstrom™ can help make your online presence more persistent and compelling than your competitor’s.

Search Engine Marketing – Your customers are looking for you.

Search happens. Connections are made. The only question for you is: Will you be there when they want you? Today more than ever, people from all walks of life turn to the Internet to satisfy everyday needs.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is designed to promote products and services through sponsored advertising listings on search engine results pages. This type of distinct marketing is based on the Pay Per Click (PPC) model. Wahlstrom™ strategically designs campaigns so that only the most relevant ads are shown. This gives the consumer the most timely and relevant information and you, the most efficient return on your investment. As an advertiser, you pay only when a customer clicks on your ad.

Wahlstrom™ has been in the search engine marketing industry for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on delivering quantifiable results. That means positive returns on investment, efficient acquisition costs, and increased awareness.

Our knowledgeable, experienced staff develops customized marketing campaigns based on your goals, tackling intricate data analysis, innovating, and always raising the bar.

Online Display—Pinpoint Your Target, Share the Brand Experience

Understanding how consumers interact with your brands throughout the purchase cycle is critical for success in today’s continuously evolving digital landscape. Wahlstrom™ offers a wide spectrum of digital display opportunities that are both quantifiable and actionable. Our display recommendations leverage the most advanced technologies—Behavioral Targeting, Geo-Targeting, and Creative Remarketing—to best target your customer’s behavior. Of course, we also use this data to inform SEM and SEO recommendations.

A 2009 study from comScore Ad Effectiveness Solutions highlights the lift in retailers’ offline sales when search and display are combined. The study found that search alone produces an 82% lift in retail sales, compared with display at 16%, and 119% when search and display are combined.

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