Connecting with your customers is the most critical aspect of your business, and it can be the most challenging. Wahlstrom™ guides you through countless media options in your local marketplace to find the optimal mix of mobile, search, social, IYP and YP that resonates with and activates your customers.

For more than 50 years we have been communicating brands from a micro and macro point of view. Wahlstrom™ Global, Local, and Hyper-local recommendations are designed to deliver an optimal, yet ever-evolving, media mix so you can effectively reach all of your audiences.

Our recommendations are reflective of precise media mix solutions that, in combination, are designed to drive results. Our customized plans mean solutions to your business needs and can include: search engine marketing (SEM), proprietary local SEMonline display, social media monitoring, mobile, yellow page placement, internet yellow pages, online listings management, and lead generation.

By leveraging proprietary technology, in concert with our market intelligence, we can expertly demonstrate how particular media choices (and external factors, such as competition, economic trends, and even weather) will directly influence sales. Our deep expertise in performance marketing, online and in print, is constantly refreshed and complemented by new interactive opportunities in our purview.

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