Solutions: Global/Hyper-Local

In this day and age, your customers create and maintain global relationships with the same degree of authenticity as their local relationships. They do business with China, while working from their hometowns. They shop internationally and go to the local grocery store. You need to be able to reach them wherever they are.

At Wahlstrom™, we are critically aware that the modern marketing approach must perform exactly as the multi-geo customer does—on many levels. Be your brand global, local, large or small, online or brick and mortar, or all of these in one, we have a single guiding philosophy of driving business results for you.

We carefully follow global trends across world regions, providing our clients with cutting-edge information, country by country. Whether it’s news on Baidu, China’s leading search engine, or information on the latest mobile behavioral developments, we are responsive to shifting behavior and influencing factors that can affect our real-time marketing efforts.

Equally important is our investment in local market knowledge. With the rising double digit growth of local search, millions of individuals are now conducting billions of searches to find local businesses, products or services This growth far outpaced the growth in overall web search, indicating the continued and growing significance of local information to consumers.

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