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Technology: CRM / Extranet

The Wahlstrom™ proprietary communication systems are designed to keep us all connected, because we believe good communication is the cornerstone of a thriving relationship.

Customer Relationship Management—Keeping You Connected

The Wahlstrom™ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is designed to facilitate effective, healthy communications with you, our customer. We’ll customize our internal system for your program, adding relevant business and local market data, including customer information (i.e., sales, call counts), business profiles, local competitive activity, and information for all media.

While there’s nothing like the good old-fashioned notepad at a lunch meeting, Wahlstrom™ uses the CRM to foolproof the overall communication process. It’s critical to track every interaction with you, especially in a world of conference calls, mobile communication, and frequent travel.

With a few keystrokes, our skilled Account Managers can access the CRM system to see every facet of your program including, media plans; previous advertising purchases; directory coverage mapping; demographics; up-to-the minute artwork status; payments received; internet yellow page reports and historical tear pages.

Our CRM system also serves as our workflow management tool to ensure that projects, deliverables, and activities are well documented and completed within defined and appropriate timeframes.

Wahlstrom™-OnDemand—Keeping You Informed

OnDemand is a password-protected Extranet site designed to give you and your Account Manager a persistently accurate picture of your program details. Review your program summary or drill down to see upcoming directory closings and scheduled ad sizes and creative. Through OnDemand, you have the capability to approve or revise ad placements in real time, creating a continually accurate picture of your current program.

Links on the site provide instant access to directory demographics, research, dynamic maps, reporting, tear pages, ad costs, and other useful planning tools. Corporate, regional, and individual market views are available, depending on your needs. It is a 24/7 system and a completely paperless ordering/information tool.

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