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Our in-depth analyses leverage state-of-the-art technology to provide a comprehensive and visual view of your data.


Technology: Management Tools

You come to us because you want your brand and business to perform better. To show you how our solutions are working for you, Wahlstrom™ uses a variety of enhanced management tools and tracking solutions to effectively measure and track campaign performance.

To ensure ads are served reliably and to specification, we use a centralized campaign management technology. We are knowledgeable across systems and can easily integrate with your current systems or technologies.

We also manage web analytics software solutions to understand integrated user experiences across web properties, unique customer conversion processes, clickstream analysis, and a variety of other site-related activities.

Wahlstrom™ has developed proprietary methodologies to create and optimize our Search Engine Marketing/PPC programs. These processes enable our team to use a single interface to create, manage, and optimize paid search campaigns.

Features include:

  • Cutting-edge search engine campaign management, activation, and optimization system
  • Keyword Composer – creates a robust and targeted keyword campaign for each client based on predetermined campaign objectives. This tool also assists in keyword expansion and analysis.
  • Campaign Planner – assists team in developing solid campaign architecture and bringing campaign strategy to life within search engine specifications
  • OptiTuner – represents a predictive modeling tool designed to identify trends within campaign components.
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